Aug. 21 - Sept. 2, 2013. Bellingham, Washington.

"The Breath Before the Plunge"

After spending an amazing two weeks reconnecting, Julie and I parted ways momentarily. She flew to visit family in San Diego and I flew to visit friends on the Washington peninsula. I spent a day trying to regain my mojo at the Bellingham skatepark only to limp away with a bruised arm and wounded pride. Luckily, noone recognized me. With my arm in a sling I borrowed my brother's car and road tripped down to Neah Bay for the annual Makah Days festival with my buddy Patrick and his girlfriend Cassandra. Cassandra, or 'Sass', is Makah so we spent the weekend visiting all her friends and family on the most beautiful coast of Washington I have ever seen.


Julie flew in the following week to SEA/TAC airport so I hopped a ferry over to the big city to pick her up. We spent the next few days visiting friends in Bremerton, Olympia and Port Angeles before heading up to Bellingham to reunite with my brother. Bellingham has to be one of the most amazing places in the world to live. Within an hour's drive or less you can pick wild alpine huckleberries under the view of snowcapped peaks, marvel at a 100ft waterfall, jump a 50ft cliff into a swimming hole, go bouldering on sandy beaches, or just watch a blood red sunset over Bellingham Bay. We did all of it and loved it.


Now for the reason I came to Washington in the first place. My brother, Joseph, and I have long talked about going into business together for digital media. We finally decided to make it a reality so Joe needed some help moving down to Colorado. I was graduating from CU in the spring but somehow had no classes for fall semester. We would use this opportunity to establish a business plan and learn how to work with each other.



Despite the excitement of striking out on our own this move brought some heartbreak. Joseph would be leaving his girlfriend and her three year old daughter back in Bellingham and Julie would be flying back to San Diego before joining the Peace Corps in a few weeks. We all took our last few days in Washington to cherish our time together before the big break. After all was said and done we had made it to Colorado through a grueling two day drive across the country. Joe and I were both wrecks after saying good bye to our loved ones.


To Julie I can only express admiration and support for her new adventure with the Peace Corps. A returned volunteer myself, I fully support her decision to join. We leave each other with these words to help get through the tough times.

"One day closer till my number comes
We gonna keep on burning till the night is gone.
It's a long ride home."
-Michael Franti

You can view more photos from my trip HERE.

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